What is Beer?


What is beer? I’m going to do a series on the basic because I think it could be useful for someone and it seems a lot more fun to me than doing beer reviews right now.



I am having SO much fun on my new Mac! I have Never done video editing before so this was hilarious but also a blast to make.

What would you change in this video production? And what would you like to see in a video series? I’m thinking about going through the BJCP guidelines to overview each category. How about ale vs lager? The difference between a stout and porter? Why are beers filtered? Thanks for the feedback!

4 comments on “What is Beer?

  1. Looking forward t seeing the next video. You do very well in front of the camera. You could use some better lighting.

  2. What an awesome video! Are you doing something different to produce them now? it looks different than your older ones…

    Anyways, thanks for posting!

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