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Announcement! Announcement!


I am so excited to tell y’all about my new project. I have partnered with a recently launched platform called Premium Follows, which provides a payment gateway to follow Twitter feeds. I have started a new Premium Twitter feed called @AskMySomm. On this feed I will answer any and all questions pertaining to beer, wine, and food (and if I don’t know the answer then you better believe I’ll find it out!). What beer will go best with tacos? Which wine will make this the date to remember? Am I allowed to pair a red wine with fish? Think of me as your personal Sommelier (albeit one in training at the moment!). So for $0.99/ month I am your on-call specialist.
As an added bonus, I am going to provide interesting and educational content daily, and will host really sweet prize giveaways! As my following increases, so will the caliber of prizes, starting with wine glasses, an aerator, a homebrew kit, and even a kegerator (ideas for giveaways? I’m open to anything). One of my top goals is to send someone to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, flight and all! The more questions you ask, the better resource I will be for you, as I am planning to take the Certified Cicerone exam on March 1st, followed immediately by preparation for the Level 2 Certified Sommelier exam through the Court of Master Sommeliers. I also plan to donate some proceeds to Pints for Prostates and hopefully some other charities (suggestions?), and will let y’all know as soon as I work out the details.


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I am incredibly excited about this venture and I hope that I can count on your support to spread the word! Follow me at @AskMySomm and read more in my profile about my qualifications and the services provided. Any and all feedback is GREATLY appreciated as I really want to make this a success. So critique me!



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  1. A woman after my own heart. I tried to create a wine business scholarship sometime ago and I’m trying again in the coming year. Good luck with your endeavors, I’ll be reading and watching the tweets roll in.

    • Kayla I remember you! Though I’m sure you don’t know me… I lived in Davis, CA for a year working for a winery and found your blog as you were working on the scholarship. It’s so nice to bump into you again online. I have been absent from twitter and blogging for a bit but I hope to get back into it. I’ll be following you as well!

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