How I Burned Out on Social Media


I was rocking along there for awhile. Posting multiple times a day, in the groove, in the know. I am still personally included in 1900 Google+ circles, have 3800 twitter followers, 2000 Facebook friends, and 32,000 channel views on YouTube, not to mention the other 20+ sites I’m on. I loved making friends in the online space, but I can tell you that I was ecstatic when I would meet someone in real life, suggest we find each other on twitter and then REALIZE we already knew each other online! Crazy. And slightly weird and stalker-feeling.


I spent a little more than two years enveloped in social media, learning by trial and error what should have been obvious. An online relationship is no different than a face-to-face meeting. You still need to make eye contact, shake a hand, nod, smile, and ultimately be a conversational, normal human being. YELLING IN ALL CAPS (all caps is yelling if you didn’t know) THAT YOU WANT EVERYONE TO COME CHECK OUT YOUR LUNCH SPECIAL is probably the least likely way to draw attention to your business. I will write a whole blog about my take on best practices, but this post is really about my personal burnout.

I grew my personal social presence, while growing my employer’s and I even landed the next big job because of my track record and reputation. I woke up each morning, with sleep in my eyes, and clouds in my head, to immediately reach for my phone to check stats, answer messages and spend anywhere from 2-30 minutes playing catch up from my sleep-break, before even getting up to get ready for the day. I LOVED it, but I also lived it. Non-stop. In bed, at dinner, at lunch, at work, at play. One of my “best practice” rules was to answer messages ASAP. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (yelling). That’s the thing about social media, it’s pop culture. What is happening right now…POP!…is not happening anymore in 5 minutes. Balance was not a thing that I sought and thus it eluded me. It may surprise you that I didn’t see my burnout coming at all. One day I just woke up dreading the incessant notifications (possibly as much as this crazy-facebook-melt-down-couple are dreading theirs today). I continued my work accounts with vigor, but my personal blog and social? Nope. It seems so strange to think about now. That I could actually hate a thing I once loved so much. You know, it felt a bit like a breakup.3696balance

After nearly a year pursuing digital marketing  as a career, but treating my own social sites like the plague, I believe that I am over my burnout. Dear goodness I hope it is not contagious to any of you! It is dreadful. I realized over the last week or so that I am actually excited to participate again, that I am still learning new things every day and that I miss my people!

So a word from the wise: Find balance.

Do you ever hate the notifications? Wish your boyfriend would turn off the phone at dinner? Have an anxiety attack because you didn’t post your newest blog on time?

4 comments on “How I Burned Out on Social Media

  1. I noticed your withdrawal and wondered about it. Your thoughts are well composed. Dittos all around on the over exposure to social media. Solitude can be a solace.

    • It really can. I think creating some separation, and planning for some breaks from technology can help keep me from burning out again…

  2. I got really burned out on youtube, but I never quit. I used to watch every single homebrew video and try to post every week… just couldn’t keep up! I can’t imagine trying to keep up with all the social media that you do. I think you are right about learning what a good pace is for you as an individual. Cheers!

    • Thanks :) I have enjoyed trying out and learning new social sites as they come out, but they get pared down pretty quickly. I’m really only invested in Facebook and Twitter now with some dabbling in Instagram, Keek, Google+ and a few smaller ones. Posting weekly on Youtube has to be difficult! I can’t imagine..

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