Emelisse Rauchbier-

At 6.5% abv, I was getting a sweet buzz half way through this beer. Though I know most of you have presumed me to be a Boozehound, I am really quite a lightweight. Sipping is my friend. This beer is a product of your netherlands, ahem, I mean THE Netherlands. From Holland, bottled and produced by Bierbrouwerij Emelisse, Kamperland, Netherlands

This beer pours a beautiful opaque amber color.

The nose is what you expect from the Rauchbier style…Campfire, smoked cheeses or meats, grilled peaches and cherries; Like licking a burnt stick 😉

All the smoke and fruit follow through on the palate and are complemented by the collision of sweet, tangy and bitter. It makes my mouth water just talking about it!! Nice carbonation, sits lightly, real drinkability for this style.

Not inexpensive, but an extraordinary experience.  BeerAdvocate : 86    Rate Beer : 91    And I give it a 4 out of 5!

So what do you think of Rauchbiers? Ever had an awful one?